About Kat

Kat McCarthyI admit it – I have a passion for purses! Bright colors, animal prints, neutrals with an edgy vibe – I love them all!

With Miche, I get all the interchangeable looks I want with 1 terrific bag! There are 4 sizes to choose from and I can change the entire look in seconds!

Having first “met” the amazing, interchangeable Miche bags as a Christmas gift, I fell in love, and was soon established as a Miche representative.

I have a fashion blog dedicated to all things Miche at Simply Chic for You.  And you are welcome to visit my online Miche store day or night!  I use Polyvore extensively to create images featuring Miche bags to illustrate fashion points I wish to make as well as to suggest how to style them.  This blog site is dedicated to all of the images i make using the amazing Polvore graphics tools.

I welcome your input, suggestions or feedback, either here, or on my Fashion Blog.

Have a beautiful day!!!

Miche Bags ~ So Simple…  So Chic…  So You!

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